We would like to thank the many people and institutions that have helped us to bring PoetrySlabs to life in West Norwood since its conception in October 2015.

To list them all individually is proving pretty difficult, there being so many people who have contributed in so many different ways. But if you will allow us to begin with an incomplete list, then here at least are a few:

Portico Gallery – where the idea was dreamed up while we were working with ceramic artist Emma Fenelon to organise the Seen/Unseen art exhibition at Portico Gallery, October 2015.

FEAST – who loved the idea as soon as they heard about it and who immediately agreed to share the cost of bringing the Emergency Poet to the April 2016 FEAST.

StreetWorks – who helped with our start-up and enabled us to match FEAST to bring the Emergency Poet to West Norwood.

Tulse Hill Pop-Up Library – for hosting our first public meeting.

Robert Dawson, Aesthetic Sabotage – local ceramic artist who gave so freely of his expertise, experience and time to get two lines of Tennyson up on the Bus Garage wall.

Crowdfunding contributors for materials, installation, and related costs at the Bus Garage – The Gardener's Daughter, and the Catalytic Poetry banner – Rachel Alcock, Eleanor Ashton, Victoria Brookman, Carron Brown, Elettra Carini, Emilie, Jo Clayton, Jonathan Cook, Colin and Rose Fenn, Mireille Galinou, Martin Grover, Joy Haney, Helen Hayes, Bob Jenkins, David Jenkins, Kat Jones, Emily Jordan, Georgina Lewis, William Low, Debbie Porteous, Maria Kay, Virginia Waterhouse, Luc Hale, Kat Lochmann, Andy Low, Julia McKenzie, Jenny Ochera, Kate Reardon, Elaine Richard, Lorraine Rogerson, Jo Rostron, Sunil de Sayrah, Josh Spero, Tim Stephens, Wayne Trevor.

Norwood Forum – who also showed an interest from the start, and whose grant helped us to be the first organisation in the UK to use Rainworks' magical super-hydro-phobic spray up and down the streets of our neighbourhood.

Bzz Garage and Open Orchard – for countless small but powerful acts of creativity and support.

Robin Thomson – for designing and making so many of our stencils, and designing The Rare Bee banner.

Joel Ford – for photographic support on the Mother Tongue project.

Lambeth Libraries & West Norwood Library – for hosting and promoting our monthly FEAST shared poetry readings.

Friends of West Norwood Cemetery – who invited us to participate in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's Living Memory project to commemorate the Somme soldiers connected with the cemetery.

Norwood Bus Garage and Arriva – for letting us use their building for an outdoor poetry gallery, and for contributing to the cost of the Catalytic Poetry banner.

FEAST Film Knights and West Norwood Free Film Festival – for the opportunity to screen films and stage poetry readings, and to link up with some incredibly creative and important people in the Wood.

Jane Millar's Curious Art Trails – especially for bringing poet Chris McCabe to West Norwood to dig up the work of 12 dead poets in West Norwood Cemetery.

Local businesses and institutions that took our event posters and supported our events – Creative Aroma, Bon Velo, Nor, Book and Record Bar, Blackbird Bakery, Dulwich Books, Bookseller Crow, Kirkdale Bookshop, Costa Coffee, Beamish & McGlue, Otter Café, Knowles of Norwood, Electric Café, Portico Gallery, The Garden, BOB Wines, Art & Craft, Cul de Sac, Galloways, Moving Inn, Steven James Estate Agents, St Luke's Church, All Saints Church, 4All, South London Theatre.

And the many people who have joined us for the shared readings at FEAST and those who have taken part in the Mother Tongue project.

25 September 2017